Julie M., Worthington

"I called Rowe and Rowe when I needed some repair work on my deck.   Instead of steering me to a costly deck replacement they were able to salvage sections still in usable shape while fixing the problem areas.  I now have a great looking deck that really fit my budget."

Joseph G., Canal Winchester

"Brian Rowe and Rowe and Rowe Quality Home Improvement is the only company we spoke with that actually cared about the job we needed done. And when we say care, we mean it.

We had been through three different companies trying to solve our problem with a leak from outside the house, and all three sent out a worker to do some caulking of windows, or moving of flashing without ever closely examining the problem, or testing their repairs which, never really fixed anything, except for the amount of cash in our wallet!

From our initial conversation with Brian Rowe, we knew he operated in a much different way. He closely inspected the area of concern, offered his plan for its repair, and an estimate that was extremely fair, and then explained to us clearly what he would be doing. During the repair work, Brian doggedly pursued the leak, and continually tested his work to make sure the repair would work. After a recent deluge of a few inches of rain, there was a small drip, and Brian happily returned to check it out, saying that any drip was too much. This proved Rowe and Rowe guarantee their work with no hassles to the home owner. If you have ever looked into hiring a contractor, you know how hard it can be too find one who sees your house as more than just a source of income.

We have been so pleased with Brian and Rowe and Rowe, that we have recommended them to our friends, and even a stranger or two whom I overheard talking about needing a home improvement team that cares as much for your home as their own that is exactly who Rowe and Rowe are, and exactly we speak so highly of Brian.

It's a great feeling knowing we can contact Brian, someone we trust, if we need him. Kind of like finding an honest mechanic, and you know how hard that is! I only wish Rowe and Rowe worked on cars too!"


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